The truth is that I don’t have the gift meant to help me say things softly; and there’s much to say that COULD save you if you want to live that eternal life that Jesus promised, so, here it is plain and simple. The truth also is, that what we call modern Christianity doesn’t follow Jesus at all, and I hope you take the time to search the Scriptures and find it for yourselves. There’s a parallel between what the world looked like the first time Jesus came and now, and the truth about the law and grace and truth is like a pendulum. It swung too far from the law and now it has swung too far from grace and truth.

Parallels and Pendulums

Somewhere it’s said that those who don’t learn from their mistakes (or history) are doomed to repeat it (something like that). There’s a parallel between the Jews when Jesus first came and Christians today. Jesus accused them of perverting ALL things of God along the lines of the Law (see Principle 1), and when he returns, he will condemn Christians of perverting ALL things of God pertaining to Grace and Truth. BELIEVE IT! Smith Wigglesworth said, “The reason the world is not seeing Jesus is that Christian people are not filled with Jesus. They are satisfied with attending meetings weekly, reading the Bible occasionally, and praying sometimes. It is an awful thing for me to see people who profess to be Christians lifeless, powerless, and in a place where their lives are so parallel to unbelievers’ lives that it is difficult to tell which place they are in, whether in the flesh or in the Spirit.” 

The truth is, Modern Christian lives aren’t parallel to unbelievers, they ARE unbelievers. Like a candle under a bushel, the air of life of Grace and Truth has been sucked out of you. How much time do you give Jesus each week? After a few hours on Sunday? Modern Christianity is so dead, or held in false belief, that it does NOT follow the Living Jesus. I don’t care if you’re mad at what I’m saying as long as you’re HONEST with yourself and it saves you. Following the Living Jesus is a glorious thing, but it ISN’T what you’re following- and I have a grave warning for you.

The Pictures of Warning

At the beginning of 2021, i was still in the midst of a real bad time, and I went to sleep each night hoping that I wouldn’t wake up. And one night at my lowest point, I was given a set of prophetic pictures, like photos that turned me around. The first picture was taken as if I was standing on the side of a mountain looking over a vast expansive valley. to my left was a wide swath of darkness; so dark that felt as though it was meant to suck the light from everything- no light would escape it. Yet, I could see people- not people but figures like you see in info graphs, with round globes for heads and cylindrical bodies. There were millions of people in the darkness. Pharisees and Sadducees, leaders, men and women, who cursed the ways of God- the eternally damned. There was pure evil and darkness, and nothing escaped. It was horrible to see. To the right of me was a swath of pure white light. Filled as well with figures representing people, only not as wide or deep. The light was so pure and bright, no sliver of darkness could be in it. It was lovely to behold. In there stood the Apostles, and true disciples, and followers of Jesus. The eternally saved, and LOVE shown forth into the sky above it.

And in the middle, as wide as wide could be, were people in brown. The closer you got to the left, the darker they were, and to the right, lighter. There was a wall that separated those on the right from those in the light, but nothing separated those on the left from darkness. I could see those on the right who wanted so badly to BELIEVE and find their way into the light but something held them all back. I saw the rich young man who wanted to follow Jesus but couldn’t let go of his fortune. I saw the scribe who answered Jesus correctly as to what the most important commandment was, but couldn’t let go of his heritage. And many others who, like the disciples who couldn’t understand the parables of Jesus, turned and went back their way. Some deeper and deeper into PERVERTED JEWISH RELIGION. I was drawn to a figure on the left. Although they were closest to the darkness, they were turned, facing the light, drawn but unmoving. I knew this to be Nicodemus who came to see Jesus at night.

He wanted to be a believer, he wanted to be in the light, but his position and lifelong teachings as a Jew wouldn’t let him. He was spared of the darkness, but it wouldn’t help. He would not enter into eternal life, and neither would any of these who died in their religion.

Then another picture came down. It overlaid the picture that was there. It was the same, only this time, I was shown what was to come with Christians rather than Jews. To the left, the swath was just as wide, only darker. This time, it wasn’t the rejection of Moses and the Law represented in the sea of people, but Jesus, Grace, and Truth. Perverted beyond measure, to the left were modern “Christian” leaders interested in the things of Satan. Positions, fame, wealth, and self-glorification. To the right, the assembly in the light was very thin- sadly so (straight is the gate and narrow is the path, and few there are that find it). And the expanse of the lost in the center was beyond measure. Still lighter on the right and darker on the left. Walled off on the right and open to the calling darkness on the left.

I was drawn again to a figure on the left; looking longingly to the light but unmoving. This is the person I know well. The person I had been searching for. I could feel that today they hold a position of importance and respect in what they do, and they enjoy that. It reminded me of a dream I’d had when they lived in a big house on the beach. They wouldn’t leave their comfort zone for the wondrous light. Like Nicodemus and countless others, they have been lied to about TRUTH, and will not see eternal life.

The message of Jesus Christ has been perverted under modern Christian leadership, and many will not be saved (read your Gospels). But I was told that for this one, I needed to rise up and bear much fruit. To Glorify God in all the earth. I was to understand that until Jesus returns, there is time to help many find the truth. There is time to follow the Living Jesus and be saved.

If you’re reading this, turn your back from false religion, from worldly things. COME follow the Living Jesus. Help me bear fruit, and Glorify God in all the earth.


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